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Our mission is to promote the best interests of basketball by providing highly trained and confident basketball officials to the Central District and the State of Ohio

Executive Board

Gregg Ryder
Lewis Center, OH

Vice President
Donald Wood
Westerville, OH

2nd Vice President
Brad Griffith
Galena, OH

Past President
Tyler Brooks
Galena, OH

Secretary / Treasurer
Paul Melcher
Westerville, OH

Welcome to the COBOA
Welcome to the newest members of COBOA: Logan Greenlee, Tate Fishman, James Perdue, Emma Anderson, John Kenerly, Mike Dissett, Marlin Yarborough, Austin Burgoon, Demetrius Pate, David Moore, Ashlee Graves, Christopher Strickland, Nicco Bracone, Deontay Scott, Jarrod Hart, Emily Murphy, Terrance Tilford, Warren McCord, Princess Hollingsworth, Adam Haemmerle, Kevin Dunnigan, Emma Blankenship, Brady Fleming, Kevin Hinkle, Mark Cox, Anthony Montarsi, Andrew Rude, Emma Anderson, Art Harper, Christopher Grant, Bradley Brunicardi, Colton Plageman, Alfred Edwards, Courtney Hayworth, Owen Menge, Kevin Houston, Matthew Greenwood, Albert Lasley, Lindsey Blanford.

Past Presidents who attended the 2019 COBOA Banquet

Ask the Expert
Kurt, this was the one in question I asked about... after reading this you may want to inform the one that asked the question that yes this would be a violation because once the foot was raised they have front court status with the ball being held and the foot raised no longer has back court status. Had they started a dribble with the ball dribbled in the back court and never landing in the front court and lift the foot from back court placing it back down in back court then no violation. Her was the play in question. A1 has the ball in the backcourt. A1 passes it to A2, who catches it in the air and lands straddling the half court line. A2 then pivots on their foot that’s in front court, the other foot is life’s off the floor but doesn’t touch the floor again until it comes back down in the back court again. Is this an over and back violation? I ruled no, due to the fact that all 3 points were not established in the front court.  Click Here to read the Expert's answer.




Rules Interpreter
Kurt Schooley
Hilliard, OH

Mechanics Interpreter
Brian Spangler
Blacklick, OH