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Our mission is to promote the best interests of basketball by providing highly trained and confident basketball officials to the Central District and the State of Ohio

Executive Board

Chris Baker
Gahanna, OH

Vice President
Ben Corbin
Pickerington, OH

2nd Vice President
Steven P. Lazroff
Columbus, OH

Maltbie (Malt) Brown
Columbus, OH

Past President
William J. Mooney
Columbus, OH

To: OHSAA Basketball Officials Good morning, The 2014 Basketball Online Rules Meeting is now available. The new deadline is now Wednesday, December 3rd. See the link below: http://ohsaa.articulate-online.com/4244089153 Please make sure you enter in ALL information that is asked on the first screen once you click on the link. Please make sure that you enter the correct permit number, as the permit number is the way we upload attendance onto myOHSAA. Once again, we have had issues with Android devices and tablets—we recommend using a laptop or desktop computer to assure attendance. Thank you, Ohio High School Athletic Association

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Ask the Expert
Years back, before the rule change saying that players in marked lane spaces had to wait until the ball hit the rim or backboard before entering the lane, part of that rule stated that nobody from a marked lane space could break the plane of the free throw line until the ball hit the rim or backboard. Evidently, this was done to protect the shooter . However, now that the rule was changed back to allow players in marked lane spaces to enter the lane upon the release of a free throw, the part about not breaking the plane of the free throw line until the ball hits the rim or backboard was not included. Was that a mistake by the NFHS? I've heard that IAABO has told their officials to call the old "don't break the plane of the free throw line" rule.  Click Here to read the Expert's answer.